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Corporate Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program ensures a respectful approach towards and a sustainable future for our employees, our company and the communities in which we live and work worldwide. Here, we are responsible to our customers, employees, partners and society.

An important point in our corporate culture is the prohibition on discrimination. Any form of discrimination is prohibited in principle, whether it is on the basis ofnationality, ethnicity, age and gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy or disability, or of religion and belief.

In this context, equal pay is a special concern for us. “Equal pay is not a question of faith: It is anchored in the Federal Constitution of Switzerland and is important for the equality of women and men.” Wage differentials that cannot be justified are unacceptable. bilateral Consulting GmbH will not tolerate this at any of its locations or at any of its partners.If you are interested in our complete Code of Conduct, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Swiss Quality in Outsourcing


  • Dedicated team
  • T&M (in the known technologies)
  • Mobile development
  • SAP services
  • “On-Duty Services”
  • Blockchain advisory service

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