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Language Incubator

In a fiercely competitive market where well-trained, motivated employees make all the difference, we believe that teaching German is a key element of our HR strategy and offers our clients the extra convenience of communication.

The language courses are specially designed for our Russian-speaking employees. We make sure that they learn exactly what they need and what helps them personally in a short period of time.

We place particular emphasis on interactivity when teaching languages: communication between lecturers and participants is promoted, as the communication within the group.

Our language teachers and coaches not only have the necessary teaching skills and experience that are important for language teaching, they also have very good and well-founded knowledge of needs assessment, course design, group dynamics and, above all, motivation, methodology and didactics.

The company training is individually tailored for each group so that sector-specific topics can also be dealt with.
We also attach great importance to everyday communication. In individual lessons the language level can be raised faster if required.

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