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The most important reasons are: Cost savings, concentration on core expertise and the expanding your own capacities. We offer our customers nearshoring solutions that enable them to expand their development capacities in a demand-oriented, cost-efficient and sustainable manner.

Implementing nearshore projects has a number of advantages over offshoring to more distant countries such as India, China or Vietnam.
Fast accessibility, negligible time differences and cultural proximity are only some of many reasons.
It is particularly interesting for SMEs because cost and resource problems are often more pronounced here than for large companies, and the time factor plays a particularly important role.

We have excellent nearshoring expertise and we work with absolute transparency, maximum flexibility and copper-bottomed reliability.
The management team as a whole has nearly 50 years of IT experience in the worldwide implementation of software projects. Combined with an excellent network, this distinguishes us as a competent and reliable nearshoring partner; we simplify our customers’ business processes and increase their efficiency.

Based on the results of the candidate search, a location decision is taken between Kharkiv/Lisbon/Minsk/Tallinn. We make a recommendation, you take the final decision.

There are several job interviews. A technical interview by one of our specialists involves: Evaluation of technical expertise (questions and tasks), clarification of whether the candidate fits into the team, precise clarification of professional experience, etc.

You will receive a standardised CV from us with a brief assessment in 5 core areas: technical / experience / social / language / communication. You will also receive a recommendation for action from us. Ultimately, it is your decision whether the candidate suits you and joins your team.

There is no minimum contract term.

It begins immediately after conclusion of the contract.

The time required to build a development team depends on the desired qualifications and the order volume (required amount of resources). In our experience, recruiting a development team of up to 5 people takes between 6 – 8 weeks. We coordinate the exact planning with you.

As you would expect, we naturally provide you with a modern and secure IT infrastructure in all our Nearshore Development Centres. European & Swiss security standards are also our standard.
Our servers are located in highly secure Swiss and German data centres.
(If you wish, we can also work on your infrastructure of course.)

Our data centres are located in the Canton of Zürich/Switzerland and in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.
They all have:

  • Biometric access systems
  • Redundant emergency power systems and air conditioning
  • Redundant Internet connection
  • ISO 27001 certification and FINMA/BaFin compliance
  • Four different fire protection zones
  • Rely on NearShorePartner.ch and benefit from expertise in all areas of IT, as well as flexibility and transparency. Your local partner for personal collaboration on global projects.

A good working atmosphere plays an important role in employee satisfaction. An atmosphere of collegiality and personal interaction not only makes employees more committed and motivated at work, it also helps to prevent conflicts.
Every office becomes a workspace in which employees feel at home. This includes comfortable, functional furniture, work equipment and some extra furniture and fittings.

We believe that well-trained, motivated employees make all the difference, so teaching German is a key element of our HR strategy. Since our clients are mainly based in German-speaking countries, a greater knowledge of German also promotes (intercultural) understanding between project staff and clients. At the same time, it offers our customers the extra convenience of communication.

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