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About Us

For us, responsibility is personal.

For our customers, outsourcing means trusting external teams. We do everything we can to justify this trust.

Our Swiss company is based in Zürich. For many years, we have been working successfully as a permanent development partner with startups and established companies. Founded over 25 years ago, bilateral Consulting GmbH and its registered brand NearShorePartner.ch have thus grown sustainably in recent years.

Our excellent services in software development, infrastructure management and information security have earned us a sound reputation as a trustworthy business partner.

Efficient, well-founded industry knowledge with technological expertise provide the basis for successful cooperation with our customers, who are thus able to expand their development capacities in a demand-oriented, cost-efficient and sustainable manner.

Get to know us and find out what wemean by “Swiss Quality in Outsourcing”, and what we stand for.

Swiss Quality in Outsourcing


  • Dedicated team
  • T&M (in the known technologies)
  • Mobile development
  • SAP services
  • “On-Duty Services”
  • Blockchain advisory service

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